Lights On Films Releases Trailer For 'Alfiya'

18 September 2014

We’ve been keeping an eye on Delhi based production house Lights On Films since ‘Echoes’ – a film documenting Delhi’s burgeoning underground music scene, released in 2012. Their latest venture sees founder and director Satyarth Shaurya Singh and his team delve into the world of psychology and the perception of reality with their first fictional short titled ‘Alfiya’. The team has released a powerful new trailer for the film after heightening expectations with a teaser, which dropped last month.

Satyarth has always been deeply interested and involved in the city’s evolving cultural spheres, usually laying focus on documentary films that explore Delhi’s alternative side – particularly in ‘Echoes’, a must watch for anyone interested in India’s contemporary music scene.

‘Alfiya’ marks the director’s first foray into the realm of fiction. He came up with the rough concept for the film two years ago but waited for the right time and team to begin production early this year. Singh teamed up with fellow filmmaker and collaborator Abhilaash Sahu (also the Associate Director) in January and together, they polished off the script and finished filming ‘Alfiya’ in April. The short psychological thriller/drama features performances by actors Ranjeet Batra, Dheera Johnson and Amba Suhasini Jhala, who plays the film’s troubled protagonist.

‘Alfiya’ also features a bunch of musical talent (no surprise there with LOF’s track record). Mumbai based EchoFloat has provided the unnerving soundtrack for the trailer along with sounds for the film. The short will also feature mixing and music by Pune based Aditya Virmani, of Pinocchio’s Moment of Clarity and IP Singh of Faridkot.

With a fantastic trailer and the release of ‘Alfiya’ right around the corner, it seems that LOF is heading in the right direction. We’ve also got news that a second edition of Echoes is under production, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

‘Alfiya’ is slated to release by mid October – the final product will not be released online, but can be viewed at public screenings. Follow Lights On Films on Facebook for updates. To know more about their journey so far, you can check out this video montage. Watch the trailer for ‘Alfiya’ below:

Words: Diya Gupta
Art credit: Rohan Jha




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