PINKNOISE Releases Debut LP - 'The Dance Of The Diaspora'

17 September 2014

Experimental Kolkata based rock fusion band PINKNOISE has at last released their long awaited debut LP, titled ‘Dance of The Diaspora’. The band is composed of Jayashree Singh (vocals), Amyt Datta (guitar, synth), Jivraj Singh (percussion)and features bass by late rocker Gyan Singh.

PINKNOISE had released a live album called ‘Quirkwork’ back in 2009 that was recorded in their home city. An album initially slated to release in 2010, ‘The Dance Of The Diaspora’ combines experimental elements from genres that range from classic rock and nu-jazz to experimental electronica and fusion – a tricky amalgam that the band has negotiated with finesse.

PINKNOISE’s members are no strangers to the scene, coming from a heavily music oriented background; and apart from Amyt, the band members also happen to be related – Jivraj is Jayashree and Gyan Singh’s son so it comes as no surprise that the album is brimming with talent.

‘Dance Of The Diaspora’ lays its foundation over an overarching theme evident from its title. The idea of an ideological longing for and physical movement away from one’s original homeland is noticeable in the albums lyrics, particularly in tracks like ‘Mistress of the Coiffeur', ‘Old Bad, New Good’ and ‘Nani Season’. English and tamil lyrics - a flavor of Jayashree’s own background, pepper every song and are layered with the busy, textural and industrial noises coming from Amyt, Jiver and Gyan - who recorded bass for the album before his passing in 2012.

‘Dance Of The Diaspora’ (unsurprisingly) pushes the boundaries of fusion music that’s so easy to get wrong. The end product is rich, textural and impeccably produced. You can listen to it here on the NH7 Audiolizer and follow the band on Facebook for further updates.

Words: Diya Gupta


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