Watch: The Jass B’stards Mockumentary ‘One Night With The Jass B’stards'

9 September 2014

Delhi based trio The Jass B’stards have recently released a mockumentary titled ‘One Night With The Jass B’stards’. The short film has been directed, filmed and edited by the very talented Wanphrang Diengdoh.

Anyone who has seen the B’stards play live would know that humour plays a big role in their performances. Naturally, the film opens with vocalist Stefan Kaye gravely (and convincingly) describe a nervous disorder that ails fellow bandmate Nikhil Vasudevan, which causes him to have fits while performing.

Ritika Singh plays Mel, the nurse on call (and later a member of the “in crowd”) and Mallika Taneja plays a very enthusiastic small town singer named Precious Sengupta. The plot weaves both women into the film, which is shot at a show at Delhi's Kingdom Of Dreams, equipped with a screen displaying psychedelic visuals which, when combined with Diengdoh’s documentary like footage and the B’stards chaotic tunes - makes for a pretty surreal experience.

We're not going to lie. It's pretty confusing, yet wildly entertaining. The Jass B’stards will be promoting the film and playing at the Sur Taal Open Air Theatre in October as part of a North Eastern music and cuisine festival in Delhi.

You can watch ‘One Night With The Jass B’stards’ below:


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