Dualist Inquiry Releases New EP - 'Natural Disasters'

8 September 2014

The release of Dualist Inquiry’s latest EP, ‘Natural Disasters’ has been highly anticipated for more than one reason. Sahej’s supporters, critics and anyone else who has seen the artist metamorphose over the years - from his Doppelganger dance days to the sweet pop sounds in the Dualism EP - has been eager to see where the artist will take his sound next.

The electronic/pop EP was released this morning on the producer’s fledgling label ‘Dualism Records’ after teasing audiences with album art, tracklists, tour dates and a catchy as hell single from the EP – ‘Come On’ .

‘Natural Disasters’ in undeniably Dualist – it’s got that trademark combination of heavy guitar and synth that has always been easy to identify. There are a few surprises in the EP, however, most obviously the addition of Sahej’s own chopped up vocals.

Natural Disasters is probably Sahej’s first release that won’t polarise opinion the way his previous EP’s have, simply because it seems like an organic movement in sound that was first witnessed in ‘Lumina’. Whether you liked it or not, Sahej’s new sounds show that the music he put out there is dictated by what works with him and his audiences, not beatport charts or passing musical trends. His style is distinctly his, whether it favours bass heavy electronic dance noises or the more contemplative (though still very dance friendly) tones that he seems to lean towards now.

We're pretty sure that ‘Natural Disasters’ won’t disappoint. Its sounds are familiar and comforting but with enough variation so as not to bore audiences. ‘Natural Disasters will be supported by a four-city tour (dates below).

You can download the entire album on bandcamp here for free, and follow Dualist Inquiry on Facebook for updates.

‘Natural Disasters’ tour dates:
12 September: blueFROG, Mumbai w/ Sandunes
13 September: blueFROG, Pune w/ Big City Harmonics
19 September: Moonshine, Delhi w/ Soulspace
20 September: Humming Tree, Bangalore w/ Blent


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