Reckoner Releases Debut EP - 'Anachronism'

6 August 2014

Sumanth Srinivasan is a lot of things. He has been trained as an engineer but dabbles in writing, art and most recently, music – his first EP titled ‘Anachronism’ under his musician’s moniker ‘Reckoner’ was released quietly this year on June 26.

‘Anachronism’ is described by Srinivasan on his blog as “a tiny capsule where time holds no meaning. The EP attempts to capture genres spread across different eras in a nocturnal ambient landscape with trip-hop beats.”

‘Reckoner’s tunes in this album are mainly meant for bedroom listening, though a tracks like groove based ‘Entire History of You’ could potentially translate well live with its hip-hop inspired, muffled vocals and sharp percussion. The rest of the album is mostly downtempo with ambient and drone based melodies taking charge, particularly in the melodic, drowsy closer ‘Resistence’, featuring Mowgli and ‘Monsters Under Your Bed’.

It’s an intriguing debut release from the newcomer and despite a few faults (his sounds could do with some variation and a more three-dimensional outlook) it’s worth a listen.

You can stream ‘Anachronism’ below and decide for yourselves:

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Art credit (thumb and main): Sumanth Srinivasan



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