SOUND.COM Introduces The GearHouse Sessions

4 August 2014

The Indian indie scene is evolving rapidly and has seen a large number of artists and musicians across genres entering the industry in recent years. While undoubtedly a step in the right direction for India’s music sector, the growth also brings with it a number of challenges; mainly lack of finances and quality equipment – both necessary for any musician to record their music and reach out to the appropriate audiences., one of India’s biggest sound rental companies spearheaded by Warren D’souza plans to aid artists in overcoming those challenges with the introduction of GearHouse – a production platform created for artists to record and perform in the best musical environment possible. is utilising their abundant resources by offering top quality instruments, sound recording, mixing and mastering to both fledgling and established artists.

The concept is three pronged – it aims to reach out to and give exposure to musicians across genres, provide incredible musical experiences to their fans and build a platform for artists to take their sounds to the next level.

“After doing numerous many shows, concerts and productions, I felt that it was time to produce our own shows since the resources, equipment, networks, and expertise to do so were readily available. And now that we have done so many episodes, we can vouch that the production is unparalleled, providing the artists just the quality that they need.” – Warren D’Souza, Managing Director, SOUND.COM and Conceptualiser, GearHouse

GearHouse has a number of sub properties, each with different functions such as GearHouse Live, GearHouse Sessions, GearHouse Rehearsals, GearHouse Lessons and many more still to be revealed. GearHouse Live has recently released a video of the second live performance they’ve enabled so far, featuring Ankur And the Ghalat Family. The first band to be released under this project was the Darshan Doshi Trio and GearHouse Live promises to collaborate with many more artists in the near future.

We’re eager to see what GearHouse will have in store for the future. You can check their facebook page for updates and watch the video for ‘Yakeen’ by Ankur and the Ghalat Family shot at the Harman Live Arena, PALM Expo 2014, below.



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