14 July 2014

Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a weekly show on Delhi-based online radio station Radio 79. It's called 'A Worldwide Thing' and it showcases global underground sounds that range from Soul and Funk right through to Tropical bass. Every month she'll be bringing us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for The Wild City.


We've had a Brazil takeover the past few weeks on A Worldwide Thing. Big batucada sounds, soulful jazz and Bossa rhythms have taken over the airwaves to tie-in with the (dramatic) World Cup. The 'Brazil Series' has been a partnership with the Brazilian embassy in India and London-labels Mr.Bongo and Far Out who are the originators in bringing Brazilian music to the world.

To cross the bridge between two musically rich nations that I hold dear to me feels a privilege. To pinpoint a highlight would be hard, however would probably be the process of sound selection from 'Tripping in Brazil', selecting lesser-known sounds from the arid Sertao hinterland - through to the infectious Samba Soul in the session on 'Afro-Brazil.' Cultural references are dotted throughout that include Brazil's biggest music movement 'Tropicalia' in the early 60s which revolutionised the ideals of the nations sound, as well as 'Black Rio Movement', inspired by the African-American civil rights movement.

I hope the series inspired and opened up the doors that go beyond the stereotypes. The full series can be found here and from next week we'll be back to the usual dose of leftfield global sounds on 'A Worldwide Thing.'

**The tracks featured and Amrisha's previous shows can all be found here and don't forget you can tune into her weekly show every Monday at 4pm on Radio 79.**



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