Sandunes Releases Her New EP - 'Slybounce'

24 June 2014

The ever evolving Sandunes is back with her latest offering – a new EP titled ‘Slybounce’ released just yesterday on High Chai Recordings. The 4 track EP is an energetic departure from her last release - 'Ever Bridge Remixed', and reaffirms Sanaya Ardeshir's stature as one of the nations most forward thinking producers.

It would be a pointless exercise to try and box her music into the vague realms of garage or post dubstep and the same stands true for ‘Slybounce’ with its seamless transition from the playful, hip-hop inspired beats of the opening title track, to the more downtempo closer ‘Night Craft’.

Electronic folk musician Sohrab Nicholson collaborates with Sandunes on the EP’s opener. Nicholson's drawling voice is the cherry on top of the title track which incorporates hip-hop elements and features earworm-y synths that you’ll be humming for days. It’s also the first sound that you’ll hear on the EP and one that contrasts most starkly with Sandunes’ previous productions.

The fuzzy, droning noises of ‘Exit Strategy’ follow soon after. Initially beginning on a more mellow, contemplative note, the track picks up pace only towards the end. ‘Moon Detector’ hearkens back to the Sandunes of ‘Ever Bridge' with an ascending uptempo beat that’ll translate well on the dancefloor.

Followers of the artist have heard 'Night Craft' before –the track was released last month as a teaser to her EP. It includes that heavy mixed percussion style typical of Sandunes and oscillates between synth and bass – a fitting end to a great EP that we're going to be hearing a lot about.

‘Slybounce’ is available for purchase on Beatport, but for now you can stream the entire album down below:




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