DJ Missill Kicks Off South Asia Tour

18 June 2014

Paris based DJ and graphic designer Missill aka Emilie Talieu is bringing her kitschy hip hop inspired sounds to the subcontinent, kicking off her South Asia tour this week with performances in Kathmandu, Nepal, Bangalore and Delhi.

Missill draws her inspiration from the world of video games and comic books and combines that image with grime, raga, hip hop and electronic noises to create dance heavy and energy packed sounds that match perfectly with her over-the-top persona. The multi-talented artist dabbles in graffiti, clothing design and also adds her Japanese pop culture influenced visuals and colours to her CDs, website and flyers which she designs herself.

Her recording debut was with the track Missill & PM feat. Dynamite MC’s “Forward” (2007) and since then she’s played over 400 gigs at a number of European and French festivals. This is her first trip to India.

“The French dance scene is undergoing a transformation thanks, in part, to the one and only DJ Missill – one of the best young artists to come out of Europe who could propel the Parisian dance scene to that of a recognised force.” – Tranzfusion, Australia, October 06.

Her third album – Lova Killa is her latest album so you can expect to hear a lot of electro-pop and hiphop sounds. Catch the self described “super heroine” play live at Kitty Su on 22 June (event)



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