The Secret Garden Weekend Announced

16 May 2014

7-8 June will give a chance to Pune residents to dive down the rabbit hole into the multicoloured wonderland that is The Secret Garden Weekend – a fantastical mega party that seeks to rouse its visitors senses with psychedelic colours, sounds and tastes.

The event is more than a little inspired by its UK counterpart, but we’re dead curious anyway. Expect to see winged, fairy like motifs garlanded with flowers and vines and take part in interactive music events and trippy installments like ‘The Bed of Sound and Light’ and ‘The Tree of Secrets’ (which I’m not even going to attempt to explain; you can read more about it here).

The Secret Garden Weekend will be held at the green gardens of micro brewery Irish Village and it goes without saying by now that everything will be curated to evoke something ethereal and straight out of Carroll’s Wonderland. Expect an experience based mini festival where you can dance, drink, meet a bunch of new people and lose yourself completely - a secret sanctuary in the middle of concrete jungle.

Though it’s yet to be seen how well the ideas for this festival will turn out, we like the fact that someone’s bringing a mega party to the peninsular. It’s not often that you'll get to experience something as different and multicoloured as this and we reckon it's worth a trip if you're in the region.

Find out more information via their Facebook page.

Words: Diya Gupta



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