Soulspace Releases Pre-mastered Tracks From His Debut LP

12 May 2014

SOULSPACE is the aptly named avatar of Delhi resident Vishnu Ps who was planning to release his debut LP sometime now. Unfortunately, we may have to wait a while longer for the official release as he wasn’t quite happy with his masters. We found this out from the very public rant which stated that they “came out really loud and squashy even after giving a -8dB Headroom”. Understandable exasperations, no doubt – who likes squashy music?

Thankfully, the annoyed producer is as impatient as we are and decided to release the pre-mastered version online. Of course, we had to have a listen.

The pre-mastered, yet to be titled (self titled?) LP is a deep electronic album with some intriguing celestial sounds that aren’t easy to peg. Soulspace’s SoundCloud page tags the album as organic, soulful and ‘IDM’. I personally think that his alias – Soulspace is the also the best tag to describe the 6 track LP - deep, a little soulful, cosmic and spatial.

The album begins with 'Morning at Roots', the first tune that literally sounds as if the artist floated outside one sunny morning and mixed gentle, tinkering sounds with the environment around him (while presumably grinning sleepily at a bunch of confused birds). The sound changes a bit abruptly with the movable beats of ‘Jayeta’, which is going to be the predictable crowd pleaser of the album even if it is a bit unadventurous. Soulscape manages some really clean, fun sounds on his second track and follows it up with the sleek synths of the escalating ‘C’est La Vie’ with its jumbled, chaotic sounds and piercing, scattered vocals.

‘You’, though excellent technically, showcases a slightly safe approach, once again moving rather abruptly to ‘The Starts Are so Bright’ and ‘To The Top’ – both pretty, lilting tracks that bring out the soul in Soulspace. ‘To The Top’ ends the album on a high, layering sounds and beats as it progresses.

We’re looking forward to Soulspace’s final mastered LP – this was a great album with lots of depth and huge potential for some really unique sounds in the future. You can stream the unmastered version, in full, below:

Words: Diya Gupta



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