The QREOH Indie Festival Begins Today At Bakheda

9 May 2014

We’ve spoken about Bakheda before and over the last few months the venue has become a hub for local artists and creative performers. The space that describes itself as a performance venue, art gallery and playground along with QREOH, a crowd-funding platform for designers is hosting a three day indie design and music festival from 9-11 May.

The QREOH Indie Festival will hosts 13 designers and feature performances by lyric coloratura soprano, Anne Hepburn Smith and one of the most promising and original singers in India - Tritha Sinha.

The festival is more of a gathering of like-minded people with a love for local and independent design and music than a commercial affair - the aim of QREOH is simply to exhibit and promote these upcoming artists to wider audiences.

The designers, who will be present their work in pop-up stores, include Example Clothing, Beehive, JOLI: Proudly Made in India, J O Y, Lacquer Embassy, Snakes & Butterflies, 431-88, Vraj Bhoomi, Ally, Airphish, Doodlage, Silknots (Preeti) and Sayon.

The festival is a great initiative by QREOH and Bakheda and it’s worth checking out for so many reasons – great music, local, indie design and some yum food, courtesy Jugmug Thela. You’ll also be doing a lot of good for new designers who need to get their work out to people who will appreciate it.

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Words: Diya Gupta



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