Bangalore Turntablist Prashanth Pallemoni/UNNAYANAA Releases EP: ‘Kaiser’s Trail’

8 May 2014

Prashanth Pallemoni, or UNNAYANAA is one of the main attractions of Bangalore’s underground music circuit. A true turntablist, he brings alive a rare set of vinyl treasures, traversing through genres including (and not limited to) hip-hop, funk, nu-disco, afrobeat and broken beat. He is also one third of Bangalore based electro acoustic project ‘Schizophonic’ - whom we haven't heard a peep from in a while. Being such an avid collector of music, his sound has gained a certain insight and maturity through the years, developing its’ own unique place in the Indian electronic landscape.

His latest release ‘Kaiser’s Trail’ is an EP that speaks of his understanding of both ethno-classical and electronic music. Indian artists have long since tried to accomplish an agreeable fusion of both these genres, but not quite succeeded at balancing the two. Kaiser’s trail does this, and in a tasteful way. The Indian flute is the main feature of his three tracks, subtly interspersed between carefully crafted minimal beats.

To the listener, the three tracks seem to mingle into a singular story. Told without becoming a florid narration of Indian origins, it remains a subtle tune with a slow build. The flute becoming a melodic rise and fall that balances itself on a set of chords that don’t let it overpower the composition.

A fluid journey into places unexplored, this EP will come as a delight to mature listeners with an ear for experimental music.

Words: Megha Roy




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