Tasha Heads To India For A 2-City Tour

Tasha Heads To India For A 2-City Tour

5 September 2019

London DJ, producer, promoter and label head Tasha has just announced a 2-city India tour which sees her play in Mumbai (with MediumRare) on 20 September and at the next edition of our international event series ‘Various Artists’ at New Delhi’s Auro Kitchen & Bar, on 21 September.

With 4 years of residency at Rinse FM and 3 years at Radar Radio behind her, Tasha has earned a reputation for purveying the UK sound with her d’n’b and techno-heavy sets – elevating her selections further with her impromptu mixing approach. “I don’t plan meticulously… I guess I’ll plan in the sense that I know roughly what tunes I want to play but I have to be in the moment, in the zone. Sometimes I’ll download tunes pretty last minute and skim through them and I might end up playing those if I feel they’re right to play in that particular moment, it’s quite a buzz,” she confessed to Don’t Be Afraid recordings.

Sinking her teeth into London’s music scene even further, Tasha started hosting parties across the city under her concept, ‘Neighbourhood’. Almost a decade later, Neighbourhood has birthed a namesake record label and Tasha’s own productions have found home on compilations by leading techno act Ben Sims and #savefabric, owing to her ‘music first’ attitude, selections and ability.

Find the dates to her India tour below and head here for more information on our next 'Various Artists'. Check out one of her Rinse FM mixes to get a taste of what to expect.

Image: Hana Makovcova

Tour Dates

20 September - Sun N Sand Hotel, Mumbai

21 September - Auro Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi


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