"Listen To The Debut LP From Unassuming Delhi Based Producer; One Sock Placebo"

11 April 2014

Last week we received a polite and slightly unassuming email from Delhi based musician; Angad Bagga, who's just released his debut LP 'Hive Plot'.

Going under the One Sock Placebo moniker he's been making music for under a year and is already showing some serious potential.

"The projection of a mind frame, cultivated by diverse phrases of stimuli, of experimentation and of the divine multidimensional aspects of truth and beauty." - One Sock Placebo

On first listen Hive Plot plays out like the soundtrack to a bizarre nature documentary. It continually glitches, goes off in random directions, halts again, then sits unmoving for a time. And more than most other electronic producers in India, Bagga's music seems to being going in a very calculated direction. From start to finish, Hive Plot is an adventure through sound and actuated potential.

Now don’t get us wrong. Not for one second are we saying, that this is a game changing or seminal release. We are however saying, it's a quality release...

Listen to the entire EP below. We like the sound of track-3 featuring vocals from Nisa Schette.




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