Watch: Magnetic Fields 2013 Recap

7 April 2014

The memory of Magnetic Fields is like a hazy warm glow that feels a million light years away. The three days have melded into one long decadent adventure in our subconscious: kite flying at sunrise, sunny afternoons lazing on the lawns and dancing in courtyards under the cool starlit sky.

Here is a little reminder of all the fantastic things that happened, a thank you to everyone that made the first edition of Magnetic Fields more than special and a tease to all of you that missed out….

Produced by Homegrown, shot and directed by Sachin S Pillai, the film captures the other-worldly feel of Alsisar, highlighting the incredible performances and the beautiful backdrop that the palace lent to the festival. Watch, reminisce, share and also check out our new website and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about Magnetic Fields 2014.

Image credit (thumbnail): Sachin Soni


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