Mumbai: Book Launch 'India Psychedelic' Tonight

11 March 2014

Time Out’s post about Led Zeppelin’s fleeting visit to Mumbai has been much-read. The author, journalist Siddharth Bhatia has now gone ahead and written a book about the rock n’ roll ages in Mumbai titled ‘India Psychedelic’ – set in the 60s and 70s when hippie culture was dominant and lanes were replete with youngsters smoking up and listening to The Beatles. In his book, Bhatia has focussed on five bands from different parts of India through which he weaves his story of how alternative music culture in the country was.

A Mumbaikar at heart, Bhatia has chronicled indie culture across the country. He especially focused on the concept of ‘beat groups’ which were also touched upon by Naresh Fernandes in his book Taj Mahal Foxtrot. This makes the book significant to the readers – the fact that for once, Indian rock has been talked about, researched thoroughly and given its due. Bhatia himself feels that the book is important since it not only talks about music but at the same time revisits a cultural era that has by far been shadowed.

With Taj Mahal Foxtrot by Fernandes having received a great response from both critics and audiences, it is evident that Indians by large are now receptive to knowledge sharing and information about their own culture. India Psychedelic is a take-off from that very point and with Bhatia having established his own niche in this space - there is a lot to expect from the book.

The book launch tonight at blueFROG (11 March) sees an apt venue becoming a springboard for what lies in store. We can expect a reading of excerpts and see a colourful picture of the era being painted with performances by Suresh Bhojwani, Nandu Bhende, The Savages and Devika Bhojwani.

Entry is free.
Time: 8.30-11.30pm

Words: Divya Naik



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