Listen: Zokhuma ‘I Choose Myself’

13 February 2014

There is a very noticeable move towards more ambient, downtempo and more melodic sounds coming from producers in India and we like it. Our news feed is becoming inundated with some really fresh new sounds, some from new kids on the block, others from existing artists exploring new avatars.

This track popped up in our news feed yesterday and we got excited, the first track to be put out by Mumbai based Zokhuma, aka Arman Menzies from Goddess Gagged.

At nearly 7 minutes the track carries you through a carefully constructed and very sophisticated sound with smooth melodies and a groove that nods towards producers such as Bonobo, Emancipator and dare we say it, Four Tet.

What's in the water in Mumbai?

While you're here, you may as well check out the new Sickflip upload. A nod in a very similar direction.


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