Soundclash: India's Best Go Head To Head In Mumbai

5 February 2014

This Thursday (6 February) a 4 month long series of events will kick start at Mumbai's IBAR. Titled 'SoundClash', it hopes to have some of India's "heaviest" crews go heads-to-head in a battle style event.

A celebration of sound system culture and its ongoing influence on hip-hop, dancehall and dance music, it'll offer a rare opportunity to catch some of India's leading collectives showcase different genres and generations of musical influence and dancefloor power. And it’s probably the most entertainment one could cram into a 3-hour show.

The format of the event can be seen below:

- Two representatives from each collective.
- A rotation of 30 minutes for each collective for a minimum of 3 hours. This would mean 1.5 hrs per collective.
- Changeovers will be indicated by a clock that will count down throughout the night.
- Artists have to size up their opponent and come prepared to battle it out.

The first session will pit DJ's Su-Real and T-Bone Stakez representing New Delhi's GRIND up against Sick Flip and Tarqeeb representing Mumbai's KRUNK. Some of the other sessions so far confirmed include Bhavishyavani Future Soundz Vs District Fifty and even Wild City Vs Homegrown later in the year.

It's all fun and games, but just to add to the beef, we decided to get a quote from the two crews sizing up each other this weekend:

"Having been the host at many Reggae Rajahs Vs. BASSFoundation soundclashes, I'm happy someone's taking the concept further and letting the referee dunk a few. KRUNK and The GRIND are friends behind the scene but I'm afraid there's probably going to be no love lost on the decks as our egos transform us into huge dicks hell bent on fucking the dancefloor and making it sweat and scream in ecstasy. At the end of the night, she's only going home with one of us - so thanks for those KRUNK(TM) condoms guys - we're gonna put them to good use!" - Su-real, The GRIND

In response:

Well, it is a fun clash - but The GRIND's going down. You can't come to our city and f*ck with us. This is not HKV. This is Bandra and we run this town." - Sohail Arora, KRUNK

More info can be found on the Facebook event here



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