Take A Walk: ST. ART Delhi

24 January 2014

An ambitious project stretching over countless walls all over the capital, ST.ART Delhi is officially the biggest street art festival in India.

Organisers have sought permission to transform numerous walls in Hauz Khas Village, Shahpurjat and Khirki Village and even walls in Tihar Jail and Delhi police station into a permanent outdoor art gallery.

Over 20 artists from countries around the world are letting their imaginations run wild. We’re especially excited about Hendrik ECB Beikirch’s contribution, an artist renowned for his colossal black and white portraits. In 2012 he created a 230 foot tall portrait of a fisherman in Busan, South Korea, now Asia’s highest mural. Naturally he’ll be getting the biggest wall…

A 20 minute stroll through Shahpurjat the other day turned into an exciting adventure, finding the new additions to the village, some impossible to miss, others we had to seek out. We got chatting to a few locals who were also hovering around their new neighbours, almost waiting for an excuse to talk about them. There was a clear sense of pride and mild bewilderment at the new additions to the village and one thing that the project has definitely achieved so far is that it has got people talking. Strangers staring up side by side have a new connection, people are curious about other people’s opinions. It is a captivating and inclusive project on a number of levels with intriguing outcomes aside from the obvious.

A great excuse to potter, chat to strangers and see the city through new eyes.

As part of the festival there are a number of other activities and events taking place. Some of these are:

Friday 24 Jan: Film Screening 
Library - Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan - 6.30pm
30-31 Jan: Graffiti Jam
 - Time and Venue TBD
Sunday 2 Feb: Exhibition opens at Social Space, Hauz Khas Village 
- 12pm - 7 pm
Sunday 2 Feb: Curated walk in Shahpurjat 
Sunday - 
Time TBD
Saturday 8 Feb/ Tuesday 11 Feb: Workshop at Tihar with Blaise 
9am to 5pm
Sunday 9 Feb: Workshops (Stencil, Sign, Graffiti) 
 Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan - 11.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 16 Feb: Curated walk in Khirki Extension - 
Time TBD

For further information please visit the official website or Facebook page here

Image Credit: Sachin Soni Photography



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