Watch: Jamsetady ‘We Are One’

22 January 2014

Have you been wondering what’s going down in Kolkata?

A bit of an anomaly on the gigging circuit, with generally the larger more commercial sounds being offered the opportunity to play. Occasionally the odd brilliant party or event surfaces, NH7 even held the Weekender there last year. Yet, for most of us, it's still been hard to gage an idea of what exactly is happening on a more regular basis. That is until…

Just over a year ago Jamsteady started a simple concept of hosting local music, with a consistency that has seen the night grow and develop into a pillar of Kolkata’s alternative live music scene. Taking place every week at the Princeton Club, it is helmed by Sammy and Nishit from Smoke Inc and aside from music also occasionally showcases dance, art and photography.

Check out a video documenting one year of Jamsteady:

Image Credit (thumb): Shailpik Biswas
Video: Anirban Mahapatra




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