"The Bicycle Days Take An "Indefinite Break" From Music"

21 January 2014

"To all the folks, TBD is on an indefinite break and will not release anything under the moniker henceforth. It's been fun and beautiful. Until next time"

This is the surprising Facebook status, music lovers across the country woke up to on Sunday morning.

One of our favourite acts from Bangalore, the Bicycle Days have been on a bit of a roll following the release of their debut 'Calamitunes' LP. At least we thought.

Originally formed in late 2009 the band released their critically acclaimed '42' EP way back in 2010. A psychedelic and moody collection of songs, it reflected the fact that each member of the band integrated their individual musical influences to their unique sound.

The 2013 release of their debut LP followed in suit. 3 years in the making, it was an album that blazed through a variety of genres, proving their confidence as a band and not pinning them down to any musical pigeon-hole. We experienced this first hand at witnessing two very distinctly different sets at the Magnetic Fields Festival pre party and Festival main stage.

Here's hoping, that it's only a temporary glitch in the bands formative career, and not another good band lost.

We'll leave you with an embed of their Calamitunes LP:

Image Credit: Uday Shanker



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