Dance Republic: The New Home For Dance Music?

12 November 2013

Launched by Nikhil Chinapa and Rohit Barker, Dance Republic has evolved from a series of events into a shiny new platform. The website is sharp and to the point but we’re not quite sure what the point is just yet… except that they want your Facebook data and are providing all sorts of tools to make your digital world more Dance Republic friendly.

We’re promised further details of “Rohit & Nikhil doing strange things to each other” and with plenty of images of the couple ‘having it’ this bromance has gone to the next level.

Since the very public separation from events giant Percept, Chinapa has been keeping himself more than busy and is even set for a rival festival in Goa at the same time as Sunburn. Although Sunburn has morphed into its own beast we’re sure that they’ve underestimated the pull and power of India’s EDM prince and are likey to feel the burn… (ok signing off now).

Dance Republic Website



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