Watch: Atoms For Peace 'Before Your Very Eyes'

18 October 2013

If there’s one haven of consistency in the music industry, it has to be Thom Yorke. Whoever he works with, whatever he creates, he has the Midas touch. Even when he does things that aren’t that great (take his Boiler Room DJ set) they are somehow still great. Innovating, challenging and constantly raising the standard of industry expectations, he is an artist that we follow with eager anticipation.

It is always with mild baited breath that we consume his new releases in what ever format they come out in, yesterday, it was the animated video for the Atoms For Peace single “Before Your Very Eyes”, the opening track of the superbands debut album.

Throught the video - Thom Yorke’s coppered crumbling face decays through a psychedelic landscape – it is quite a visual spectacle and you really should see it. Expect a new wave of stop motion animation revival.



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