Listen: Frame/Frame Debut EP 'Swimmers'

30 September 2013

We've been following the progress of Nikhil Kaul pretty intently over the last 18 months. Although he's not necessarily a newbie on the scene, his latest moniker Frame/Frame is certainly a breath of fresh air. An EP where his live sensibilities have certainly taken centre stage - Swimmers is an immaculately constructed debut release. A project that combines years of electronic influences from across the globe that amalgamates into a kaleidoscopic arsenal of smooth, crunchy, melodic, synthy, dirty and raw sounds; channeling hip-hop, drum and bass and bass music sensibilities into a pedigree all of his own.

Stream the album below and 'name your price' for the curtsey of a download.

We're eager to see how this will translate into a live show and luckily we won't have to wait too long, Frame/Frame's official EP launch is taking place this Friday 4 October at blueFROG Delhi and will feature guest performances from Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor), Arsh Sharma (The Circus/FuzzCulture), Abhishek Bhatia (The Circus/Curtain Blue), Anshul Lall (The Circus), Srijan Mahajan (FuzzCulture), Kabir Uppal and Hemant Chona. This will be alongside SundogProject who are releasing their debut LP 'Hex1/Visions'.


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