Mumbai Weeklong Gig Preview(s)

3 September 2013

It's going to be a long week in Mumbai; especially if you're attempting to keep some semblance of a work life, in spite of your inability to give the local gig route a miss. Either way, you've got some hard choices to make this week seeing as to how there's a great party and some greater aural sensibilities on showcase pretty much every night this week. Wild City lays out your options for you.

Monday, 2 September

Luckily for you, you already missed this so you can scratch it off your list. Squidworks and Mode7's flash gig saw them take over ibar's console, post a poetry slam. Even more luckily for you, both are playing again later this week on separate occasions.

Tuesday, 3 September

Option 1: The RHCP tribute gig, which seems to be becoming something of an annual tradition, at blueFROG featuring Bradly Tellis (vocals/guitar), Aditya Ashok (drums), Vinay Lobo (Guitar) and Kenneth (bass) as the main line up. Also featuring guest artist Aiden Lewis on vocals.
Entry: Rs. 350

Option 2: DJ Effrt (Kenneth Lobo) and Bohemian Rhapsody (Pradeep Matthews) will be playing a 90s gig at ibar. In case you're wondering, ibar's shutting down for a while - hence the out-and-out celebrations.
Entry: Free

Wednesday, 4 September

Option 1: A father-son mixtaped! is set to see Raffael Kably (Mode7) and Anil Kably take control of the decks. They may not be decided in their chosen sound for the night just yet, but don't be surprised to find a couple of punk anthems (read: sonic youth classics) slipped in there somewhere.
Entry: Free

Option 2: Adil & Vasundhara at blueFROG. It is, what it is.
Entry: Rs. 350

Thursday, 5 September

Option 1: Dutch DJ Bakermat is bringing his heavily jazz and soul-infused minimalist house sound to the fourth episode of Lucid. Support from Ox7gen. Lucid's been piquing curiosity week after week with their left-of-centre curation of these nights. Should be interesting.
Entry: Rs. 500 (Full Cover)

Friday, 6 September

Option 1: Bhavishyavani Future Soundz - Our very own Moniker will be taking over Aurus supported by Eng (Kunal Lodhia of Wetheppl). This is his Moniker's first show since having a 3-month hiatus in the UK and the record bag is bursting at the seams.
Entry: Free

Option 2: Ghettofunk - Algorhythm followed by DJ Ruskin at the latest Friday night haunt, Mangiamo.
Entry: Free

Option 3: Squidworks and Amul Lokanathan are playing a Jean Claude Biguine gig at a new venue in Versova, Amigo's curated by Shark & Ink.
Entry: Free

Option 4: Hip-Hop Night - Bombay Bassment (Live) & DJ Sa at blueFROG.
Entry: Rs. 600

Saturday, 7 September

Take a break. But if you really don't want to there's Ankytrixxx's psy night at blueFROG.
Entry: Rs. 600

Sunday, 8 September.

Option 1: sLick! presents Henry Saiz - Spanish live DJ, producer and performer. Supporting acts include Sandunes, Sowmya and Aditya Wanvari.
Entry: Rs. 600

Pick wisely and enjoy your week!


Words: Mandovi Menon
Image Credit: Sachin Soni



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