Nikhil Chinappa To Represent India At International Music Summit

31 May 2013

The well established brand, label and worldwide dance music empire Ministry Of Sound has recently joined forces with commercial house giant Defected to create the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM). A pretty colossus partnership.

The 51-strong international board of advisors will meet during this week’s International Music Summit in the global ‘party’ capital of Ibiza to discuss a range of issues covering marketing, health, safety and piracy. It brings together representatives from across the industry covering 15 countries, with an eventual aim of creating a “worldwide voice for electronic dance music”. Representing India is of course our ‘EDM poster boy’ Nikhil Chinapa.

Nice idea but we’re not quite sure what this will actually achieve other than being a glorified networking holiday, but who’s going to say no to a free holiday in the sun.

Association For Electronic Music Website



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