Electronica Outfit Jalebee Cartel Split

30 April 2013

Indian electronic outfit Jalebee Cartel have recently decided to call it quits after being together for over 8 years.

Responsible for much of the nation's love for electronic dance music and more recently techno, the 4-piece have decided to put focus on their solo careers, side projects and labels which are run between them. This news comes over a year after they last performed together, within which time all 4 members have gone on to flourish in their respective individual projects.

Since the release of their debut LP back in 2009, Cartel received much acclaim from international press and media alike. As well as performing at festivals such as Sunburn in India, they have also played at Fusion Festival and C/O Pop Festival, both in their second home of Germany where the act have spent their last three summers.

We must point out here, that they haven't split for good, and are keeping it open ended. We know what that means; any guesses on when they'll have the "reunion tour"?

We caught up with the band's manager Dev Bhatia, to see how he felt about everything:

"Most young DJ/producers in India now know it is possible to "make it" in the electronic dance music scene and the main reason/example for this has been Jalebee Cartel. They are my biggest inspiration, and infact you can count me in as their biggest fan too.

UnMute Agency is something that came up after my work with the Jalebee crew. Arjun Vagale, Ash, Ashvin and G-Force are now concentrating on their solo careers with great success and I wish them all the best. Arjun will be focusing on his solo career, Mak.Tub his label and Unmute with me and has already had a great run with his releases in the past year. Ash and Ashvin, along with their solo careers, are kick-starting their new label Soup-Herb, which has some fantastic releases lined up in the nearer future and G-force has recently ventured into the gaming industry with SuperSike Games along with producing electronic music and teaching at the ILM Academy.

More importantly, we are all still good friends, so you never know when they might play together next. Could be months or even years."


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