Disclosure Reveal Release Date For Debut LP

16 April 2013

After storming Coachella with a breathtaking performance, Disclosure have recently announced a release date for their eagerly anticipated debut LP on 3 June 2013.

Speaking to MTV UK, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence revealed very few details of the LP. “We’ve got a lot of collaborations on the album which is very nearly ready. Can’t name any names right now, but there’s a few surprises on there and maybe some kind of ‘not surprises’, but it works. But this is only the first project we’ve ever done producing dance music, so we’ve still got a lot to give, I feel like. We’re still trying to find our own way. But we haven’t been in touch with any other producers, just vocalists.”

The future-club-garage duo are currently rolling off the back of a UK #2 with White Noise (video below) and are easily one of the most hyped acts of the last year. The question still remains however of whether or not they can showcase a new sound on their LP.

"For the album we want to make sure that there’s variety. We don’t just want to make a house record or something that’s got a couple of breaks in it and slower beats. We want to come out with an album that’s consistent and sounds like us, but we don’t want to come out with a straight 4×4 house album. We’re trying to get a balance between vocal tracks and instrumental. We definitely want to have some club tracks on there as well, that’s what we were about at the start.”

You can see the video for 'White Noise' featuring AlunaGeorge (another act who's debut LP due out this summer is no doubt bound the shake some earth) below:




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