"Jai Paul: "I Have Not Released A New Record”"

15 April 2013

Earlier today we told you about the apparent Jai Paul release which was made available to stream and buy via a Bandcamp in his name. The whole world wasn't sure what to believe, yet blindly enjoyed the music, which we must admit we quite enjoyed ourselves.

Taking into account, the fact that this artist has remained mysterious since BTSTU, something seemed off. With no press release, official statement from Paul or XL, and lack of track titles, it just didn't seem right.

It now transpires that in fact it wasn't Jai Paul at all.

Dazed Digital journalist Owen Myers has just tweeted that Paul has emailed him, claiming that the album is an “illegal leak”. The tweet reads:

From a more recent tweet, it also seems that his laptop was stolen, so there's still every possibility that the music is actually him. We're just speculating though. Whoever's behind the Bandcamp however is sitting back and making £7.00 a pop from unsuspecting music lovers from across the world.

We'll be updating this post, as we find out more.



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