India’s First Indie Awards

9 April 2013

Radio City Freedom Awards (RCFA) have launched a national competition in an effort to support “independent singers and musicians, who have pushed boundaries to create unimagined musical breakthroughs in the Indian subcontinent and the diaspora.”

The competition is non region or language specific and up until 5 May, artists can nominate themselves under the following categories: hip-hop/rap, pop, rock, folk fusion, metal and electronica. There are also categories for best video and best album art. Find out more about how to nominate yourself here.

The voting panel includes industry veteran Atul Churamani, electronica outfit MIDIval Punditz, Luke Kenny, musical prodigy Nandini Srikar and EarthSync founder Yotam Agam. Popular awards will be put to a public vote with the winners being announced at the awards on 31 May.




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