Mumbai Gig Preview: Dualist Inquiry LP Launch Feat. Mathias Stubø Trio, Ez Riser & More

15 March 2013

Dualist Inquiry is something of an anomaly in the Indian EDM scene.

While there's no dearth of disc-spinning wizards within it, few have managed to garner the acclaim and respect he has, let alone in the time frame he's achieved the same in. As such, it's hardly surprising that his first full-length album launch is being touted to be one of the most cyclopean musical events of the year.

Kicking off his 10-city tour in Mumbai's blueFROG tonight, the two singles he's already released from Doppelganger, 'Spectre' and 'Exile', were met with a deservingly good reception and as of about 15 minutes ago, the entire album was released for free download on Bakshi's own label Dualism Records.

Since I'm listening to it while simultaneously attempting to focus on writing this, suffice to say there's no argument here - it's creating a lasting first impression that will undoubtedly be replayed till we're positively sick of it.

Basically, this isn't a gig you want to miss. However, if further convincing is required the much-awaited Nordic wunderkids, Mathias Stubø Trio, plan on taking over the console early on in the night. The trio features Stubø himself as a DJ and percussionist, DJ Kimichi on turntables/FX and Johan Simonsen on drums. Thus promising a veritable beat feast for those who prefer their EDM with a side of live instrumentation.

EZ Riser (listen to his WIld City mix here) will be steering the deck right before Dualist Inquiry takes over and the night itself starts with an opening set from Madboy/Mink (Imaad Shah and Saba Azad). The former has been relentless in (lovingly) force feeding dancefloors across the country with his consistently bass-heavier styles of music (think glitch-hop, IDM and breaks) while the latter have a lot more to prove. Following a fairly lacklustre performance at Live From The Console a few weeks ago, we're rooting for them to bring their 'A' game tonight.

The Dualist Inquiry Doppelganger Launch will take place tonight at blueFROG Mumbai. Entry is Rs 600 after 9pm and free before/for ladies all night. Plus some more good news for early birds - the first 100 people to arrive get a free Doppelganger CD.

You can hear and download the entire Doppelganger LP below:

Words: Mandovi Menon
Image Credit: Sachin Soni


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