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12 March 2013

Holi Hai!
Have you noticed how that phrase never sounds the same if you translate it to English? Holi is a few weeks away and it’s already getting hard to pick and choose which bash to go to. So far, the ones that have looked promising are the regular culprits - Holi Cow and Rang. This year however, there are new kids on the block in the shape of ‘Holi Guns' and 'Rang Holi'.

While the verdict still isn’t out on which one to go for, here’s something to look forward to; the LBBD holi special, so stay tuned.

Back to the classics; for your viewing and recreational pleasure, here are pickings from our pages.

Read | The Brilliant Mr. Aslam
One of the most talented writers out there, Nadeem Aslam comes with the discomfort of a man not really sure of all the fame he is getting. We discovered there is a lot more to him than just that.; this one’s of our most prolific pieces in the recent past.

Sports | Shooting in Delhi
Shooting is actually a sport that can and should be enjoyed in more controlled settings than Gurgaon. Jokes apart, shooting is a sport that Indians have proved to be pretty skilled at. Read about how to develop your interest in shooting and honing skills for the sport in Delhi.

Art | Rohit Chawla – Scale matters
Once you explore the works of photographer Rohit Chawla, you are likely to wonder what on earth every other fashion photographer out there is doing. His take on fashion is not merely about clothes. It's about people, culture and a whole lot more.

Music | 10 Years of Cyanide
Cyanide has been around for 10 years now. Their sound has evolved but is still just as mind bending as it used to be. They also happen to be a fun bunch of really fun and interesting nut-cases! Read what they had to say to us.

Food | Revisiting Taste of Japan
We recently organised an engaging Japanese culinary workshop with pop-up restaurant outfit, Goma. The evening was absolutely amazing, set in the picturesque Lodi, The Garden Restaurant. What we found was that Japanese (food) is fairly easy to make, and actually promises a fun night in with friends. Sake, Sushi, and Okonumiyaki.

**Wild City readers, we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve been to a big farmhouse holi party in the last few years that you think is an interesting alternative, write in to us**

Image credit: Rohit Chawla ' Goa Style'



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