Sun, Sea & Workshops: The Goa Project

5 March 2013

Taking place between 28-29 March in Morjim, the Goa Project describes itself as “an unconference and a romantic holiday” that will bring together entrepreneurs and people from the creative sectors. The volunteer driven festival will comprise of workshops, teach-ins and roundtables, featuring jam sessions, exhibitions, film screenings, food based events and after parties.

The Goa Project incorporates 6 themes: Performing Arts & Music, Entrepreneurism, Film, Society, Visual Arts and Fringe with the content following crowd-sourced topics with the aim being to keep the agenda relevant and to fuel relationships and collaborations. You can take a peek at current topics for discussion/workshops here and submit content suggestions here but make it snappy as the deadline is 10 March.

The idea that essentially drives the festival is that by creating a diverse gathering of interesting people, wonderful things are bound to happen:

“Maybe you will learn a new skill. Perhaps you’ll be sprung out of your comfort zone. You might even meet people who can bring your personal projects to life. Together, these instances of confluences will collectively ignite our minds and spark our souls.”

The concept and location of the festival are pretty incredible, finally someone has decided to do a music/arts conference by a beach!

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