Native Instruments Releases 'Traktor DJ' As An iPad App

22 February 2013

In a new era for bedroom DJ's, Native Instruments have just released a Traktor DJ app for the iPad, available for only $20.

Catering to both beginner DJs and more seasoned performers, familiar or non-familiar with the Traktor platform, the app keeps intact most of the functionality of its now widely used DJ software, whilst allowing for interaction with these functions using the iOS touchscreen.

"We've taken our time to come to market," says product designer Scott Hobbs. "We wanted to stop and think about this: how could we break down the digital DJing interface? We didn't want to emulate the vinyl interface. There's been too much skeuomorphism to date, so we really broke the interface apart and rebuilt everything from the ground up."

What this means is that unlike most other virtual DJ software's, there's no virtual decks. Instead, Traktor DJ is all about waveforms; cueing, scratching, and setting up loops are all actioned by touching the actual waveform, and control of filters, EQs, and FX can all be found using the app's various views.

For all your pro's out there who'd rather use a sound card over the iPad's eighth-inch audio output, the Traktor DJ app can be connected to Native Instruments' Audio 6 and 10 interfaces in order to get a higher-quality sound. That's not all. Traktor DJ can also be used as a control for its parent software program, syncing with the full computer version of Traktor on a laptop.

A video teaser of the app can be found below, being worked by the hands of techno modernist Richie Hawtin who's due to play New Delhi and Bangalore this weekend (after storming Mumbai last night).

Full details of the Traktor DJ app can be found here



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