The Kuru Genesis Megashow To Takeover blueFROG Delhi This Week

11 February 2013

On 12 February a collaborative experience will be showcased at blueFROG Delhi. The event, called the Kuru Genesis Megashow, will bring together six painters/etchers/inkers in a live art performance, alongside the Bangalore based Kuru Circus and Orchestra performing "KuruShetra", an album inspired by the graphic novel 'Kuru Chronicles'.

Ari Jayaprakash, the conceptualist and chief artist behind the Kuru Chronicles, explained, “the Megashow is an immersive experience with art inspiring music and Kuru visuals (video art) engulfing the performance space. I am fortunate to have some very talented people who have come together over the course of the past three years to collaborate around the Kuru Chronicles. Art Collide (a Delhi-based forum which fosters collaboration across art forms) has also helped put it all together.”

One of the collaborators that Ari speaks of highly is New Delhi based musician Tritha Sinha. They met a couple of years ago on the banks of a river where Ari heard ‘Kali’s Forest’ and immediately knew that Tritha would be a great fit for the music of Kuru. That the Kuru Chronicles is set in Kolkata helped both find even more common ground, as they both have deep ties with the city.

“We met at a festival and felt the art and music complemented each other brilliantly. I am especially attracted to the dark themes of the Kuru Chronicles and found myself reaching within to construct compositions that would heighten the experience of both the art and the tale. Even though many people have said that my voice reminds them of something that is essentially pure, I have this darkness, this sadness within me that resonates with Ari’s work.” - Tritha

The Kuru Circus and Orchestra is made up of Ari Jayaprakash/Sikanth Gopinath on guitar, Colin Rozaria on bass and Daya Sagar on drums. The music also features collaborations with Audio Pervert and Toymob from Teddy Boy Kill (New Delhi), Arjun Chandran from Schizophonic (Bangalore) and Ian D’Souza (Toronto).

Other artists taking part in the show this week include Rohan Kulshreshtha (Peter Cat Recording Co.) and live art performers Sameer Hazari, Siddharth Barik, Abhishek Majumdar, Bhanu Pratap and Verat.

For more info on the event head here


Words: Pankaj Mullick (Border Movement)



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