The Genomusic Project: Bay Beat Collective To Produce Album Made Out Of Fans DNA

6 February 2013

Mumbai based bass music figureheads, Bay Beat Collective (BBC) have just released details of their debut LP which they will be producing using samples made out of the genes of their fans. Yes, you did read that right.

In partnership with JWT, a global advertising agency, Bay Beat Collective have just launched 'The Genomusic Project' in India. An initiative that will see them produce an album of 8 tracks, each one made out of the DNA samples from individual fans.

How does this work, you ask?

JWT have specially created a Facebook application through which users need to identify themselves to a track that best defines them as a person. The Bay Beat Collective duo (Kris Correya and Sohail Arora) will then personally pick out 8 suitable candidates who will then be sent DNA collection kits.

The collected samples will then be sent to labs specialising in genetics to determine each DNA profile. Bay Beat Collective will use specially designed software to convert each DNA profile into a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sample, which will later be converted into a one-of-a-kind track. Simple (kind, of).

"Each track will have its own distinct sound since no two people have the same DNA profile" - Kris Correya

Aside from the lucky 8 fans to be selected, BBC will also create individual mobile ringtones for the first 50 fans to send in answers. Pretty neat.

"Bay Beat Collective felt that to have 'fans for life', it was not enough to interact with them only during gigs. The musicians wanted an idea that would help them engage with fans on a more regular basis and at a more intimate level (...) Thus was born The Genomusic Project, the world's first music album created from fans' DNA." - Prajato Guha Thakurta, Copywriter, JWT

The campaign launched on 1 February and will run for just over a month. "All promotional activities will aim to direct traffic to the Genomusic Project app on Bay Beat Collective's Facebook page. We've designed posters that will be put up in popular nightclubs, bars and cafes, and the band is doing a series of gigs to promote the project. To engage with their fans on Facebook, Bay Beat Collective will share videos on its Facebook timeline that will give fans weekly updates on The Genomusic Project. We'll also launch a Twitter campaign, #TheGenomusicProject soon." - Sachin Kamble, Art Director, JWT

You can watch a video of BBC's Kris Correya explaining the idea here. To enter the competition to win a chance to hear what your DNA sample sounds like, go here



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