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5 February 2013

By virtue of being a part of LBBD, we have the opportunity to explore places old and new, interact with the most interesting people in the city, discover quaint stores and eclectic finds, and eat some of the best food this melting pot has to offer. When seeing Delhi in new ways, every day is your passion and job, you get to delve into smashing cultural hub that the Capital has become!

We’re sharing a page from our Little Black Book, exclusively for Wild City readers.

Dilliwaalas | Being Sarthak
You’ve tuned into his show every morning, for years. You've laughed at his jokes, you’re more familiar with his ‘pet cow’ Adam than you are with your neighbor’s dog, you've cringed at some of the ridiculous things that get callers excited, and some of the darndest things they say. And you’ve hummed along to everything he played as you made your way to work/school/college. Here's your chance to really get to know the one and only, Sarthak from HIT 95 FM!

Explore Delhi | Revisiting Purana Qila
We took 20 of our readers for a walk through Purana Qila, reliving the glory of one of Delhi’s oldest monuments. A walk along its walls is a fascinating insight into the daily lives of people we know but don’t fully understand, displaced in time by half a millennium.

Feast | A Hot-Spot for Delicious South Indian Food
Chidambaram in Khanna Market is slowly becoming the definitive name for great South Indian food besides good ol’ Sagar. 3-in-1 idlis, vadas and uttapams galore, this is where we go for our sambar and dosa fix. Did we mention it's incredibly affordable?

Explore with 'LBBD' | Haveli Tour: On a Cycle
LBBD and DelhiByCycle are collaborating on a cycling tour through Delhi’s oldest and most fascinating streets - the gallis of Chandni Chowk. This ought to get your adrenaline pumping!

Food & Lifestyle | B&B's in Delhi
For that friend coming into town, or for when you don't have place in your pad for that visiting married couple, or perhaps for when you need to escape without going too far - we’ve curated some of the finest short-term accommodations that Delhi has to offer. Be warned: you might leave home sooner than we can say “comfort!”


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