Peter Cat Recording Co. Frontman Releases Debut Solo Album

18 January 2013

The explosion of new sounds originating from Delhi's electronic underground in the last year has culminated in a form of fragmentation through fusion. A perfect example of this is the debut solo release of Lifafa, a solo project from the frontman of one of India's most exciting bands, Peter Cat Recording Co.

Suryakant Sawhney as most know him, is not only tall, dark and handsome but also extremely talented and unafraid to acknowledge a lot of his musical influences, past and present. This is undeniably obvious at the very first listen of this LP.

A lo-fi, atmospheric, glitchy and dancefloor friendly (at times) album, it showcases a new chapter of an artist that within everything he does has a continuously evolving style. While he's had plenty of strong releases in the past with pcrc, this one has the inspired feeling of a solo artist truly finding his footing. A breakthrough, in other words.

"I basically started producing electronica in 2011 but discovered I kinda suck at dance music so I went another direction. Lifafa is just me trying out electronic production methods with traditional music. Piano pieces with sub bass and what not. I met Suryakant at a Peter Cat gig, asked him to do some vocals for my "ghost music project" and he complied by doing them for 3 of the songs. By the end we had some really weird ambient and minimal songs which we found really interesting." - Lifafa

You can stream and download the album in full below:

Image Credit (Newsletter): Shiv Ahuja


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