Dropbox Talent: Samir Dange

11 October 2012

Samir Dange, a composer/producer from Pune, recently uploaded some of his music into our dropbox. Influenced by genres such as blues and jazz as well as cinematic/ambient scapes, his sound is both minimalistic and stunning. We thought we'd give it a share.

A design college drop-out, he's pursued audio engineering for a number of years, but has always been more intrigued with exploring it for a new sound of music rather than his technical ability. Though equally inspired by images, visuals and storytelling, he loves working on music on specific creative ideas. His blog is a prime example of this, where each track has its own story and image attached to it.

Below you can hear two of our favourite tracks from this young producer. This is not to say, these are the only tracks worth listening to. You can listen to a bunch of his productions over on his SoundCloud here

Look In Your Portrait:

Solar Remainder II Unfamiliar Family:




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