Steve Aoki: Want To See His Tech Rider?

3 October 2012

As the Lalit empire prepares to host the 2 city tour of Steve Aoki this weekend, we ask the question, is the crowd really ready?

We've had a look at his leaked rider and well, are slightly unsure of how this is going to pan out. The rider consists of an inflatable boat or dingie (suitable for 2-3 people), confetti blast machines, a handheld CO2 air blower, six pairs of boxers, a directors chair, 1/8 of local weed and of course 2 medium sized cakes that read 'DIM MAK' which, mercifully for the audience member whose face it’ll be thrown on specifies the need of “soft cake, soft icing, nothing dense or bundt”.

In response to the rider being leaked earlier this year, The Dim Mak boss wrote on his blog: "My rider is now public information and seems to be the talk on my Twitter timeline so I’ll break down some of the more juicier bits of it since people are asking."

He then goes on to say: "In any given show I am with two to three other people that I have to take care of. Our lives are dedicated to living on the road and part of living on the road is learning how to travel efficiently. We all just travel with hand carry on (...) whatever the promoter brings to us becomes our outfit for the day."

To justify the requested amount of alcohol he continues: "Two bottles of Cristal is definitely a ballin’ move. Do I need it? No, but if I can get it…sweet!". Fair enough.

You can read the full post over on his blog here. His rider can be seen in full below as well as a video of a trademark cake throw at Ultra Festival earlier this year:

**Steve Aoki plays Kitty Su in Delhi on 6 Oct and Kitty Su's Pleasure Dome in Mumbai on 7 Oct. More info on these events and others happening across the country can be found on our events page here**



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