Who Is Billy Van?

18 September 2012

Only the most illegaly downloaded artist in India, Brazil, Greece and Romania according to a recent investigation by the BBC.

In an article that looks into the top 20 illegal sharing countries in the world, India features at number 8 behind the US, UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Spain. The data is based on the total number of torrent downloads over the past six months and the most popular shared artist in each country.

So who is Billy Van and how is he the most illegally shared artist in a country of over 1.2 billion people with a strong penchant for all things Bollywood?

Unsurprisingly he is a dubstep producer from the US who allows his albums to be downloaded by torrent, encouraging donations from fans – so not really illegal downloading right?

He brings to the table, pretty straight up brostep, which is either a good thing or bad thing dependent on your musical palette.

Read the full article on BBC here



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