Indian Music Documentary 'Echoes': Screenings Start Next Week

16 August 2012

Earlier this year we told you about 'Echoes', a 45 minute documentary covering India's underground music scene, taking into account its past, present and future.

Produced and directed by Satyarth Singh from Lights On Films, a Delhi based production house specialising in short films, music videos and documentaries on art and culture, it promises to touch upon how art and technology conflict with each other within music. To help answer this, the film interviews a varied selection of Delhi based musicians such as Stefan Kaye (The Ska Vengers), Space, Dualist Inquiry, Teddy Boy Kill and audio visual collective B.L.O.T!.

Although it was originally expected for release in June, it's due to be screened throughout next week in cities across the country. Full details of these screenings as well the original 6 minute teaser can be seen below:

20 August - Delhi: Iron Curtain. 6pm onwards. (6 showings. FInal showing: 11pm)

22 August - Pune: High Spirits. 8pm

26 August - Mumbai: 36 Oak & Barley. 6pm


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