Wild City #141: EZZYLAND

Wild City #141: EZZYLAND

21 September 2017

EZZYLAND is on the rise.

After dropping arguably the album of the summer with ‘DEPS x ANXIES’, EZZYLAND has been continually releasing tracks and getting recognition for his hard work.

Whether it’s been climbing up charts across streaming platforms or having publications write about his work, the Chennai-based artist has been finding his feet in the industry. After a year’s worth of consistently good releases, including the stellar ‘Neon Grafx 3K9’ EP, EZZYLAND was due for a Wild City mix.

The 28-minute selection is made up of his own tunes with a seamless transition from one track to the next. The multi-faceted producer floats between genres with ease, showcasing not only his production skills but his effortless mixing skills as well.

For those familiar with his work, EZZYLAND’s mix is a welcome, relaxing listen. If you’ve never heard any of his music before, it showcases a diverse range of his production sensibilities which will undoubtedly have you hooked on your first listen. Another way to cement his place in the game, EZZYLAND’s future looks bright.

"I'm not your enemy. I'm just here to change the game." - EZZYLAND

Listen and download below:

Direct Download: Wild City #141 - EZZYLAND


EZZYLAND - is this loss
EZZYLAND - ataraxia
EZZYLAND -. fyucha flex
EZZYLAND - robo ninja samurai warrior
EZZYLAND - rustie not rustie
EZZYLAND - galaxies w/ fluxxy
EZZYLAND - cracks on my vans
EZZYLAND -. syncing feeling
EZZYLAND - slow down, ow!
EZZYLAND - sippin on that burgundy


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