Wild City #136: thruoutin

Wild City #136: thruoutin

30 June 2017

American-born, Beijing-based artist thruoutin has a sound that is instantly recognisable.

With work varying from project to project, thruoutin’s singular take on electronic music focuses on organic, lush noise. The electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist has been based in China since 2009 and has toured a multitude of countries in Asia as well as various cities in the US and Canada - featuring on several Chinese and international labels.

After piquing our interest with a few submissions, thruoutin came through with a mix for Wild City.

Just shy of an hour, this exquisite mix is full of songs you’re never going to hear anywhere else. Showcasing a diverse range of tunes coming out of China and its neighbouring countries, thruoutin spotlights genres from glitch-hop to trap, ambient, lo-fi and electronica.

It’s rare to hear a country’s sound being spread out so enticingly in a mix, but thruoutin manages to do just that. Favourites include tracks from J-Fever, Yider and the inimitable BLOODZ BOI.

Tune in and peep the tracklist below.

"This specially tailored mix for The Wild City serves as a guided introduction to the current independent-electronic and hip hop music communities within China and its surrounding areas." - thruoutin

Listen and download:

Direct Download #136 - thruoutin


J-Fever 小老虎 - 11 马应龙不吹牛逼
Major - 补完 [Beijing, China]
Oceantied - Streets
Downstate - beyond ’99
HavokUK - バイビ (Zean Refix)
Dubsknit - Gold Dub
BLOODZ BOI - 我就想在网上当个喷子
Swimful - Call Cards
Midland Sparks - Kecak Calling
Fcyco - 颈椎病植入DNA1999
Meuko Meuko! - About Time
Lifafa - Agnee Redux
Lantern Festival - Twisted Noodle Logic
Yider 伊德尔 - HA TUU
Faded Ghost - Little India


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