"Snowshoe: "6 Tracks That Have Shaped The Way I Hear Music"

27 November 2013

The mesmerising production of Sky Rabbit guitarist Rahul Nadkarni is a sound that w758564've been captivated by for the last year. His debut758616'Waking

Having done 2 shows with them in New Delhi and also having them on the extensive Magnetic Fields Festival line up - i759045's no secret, w759061're big fans. Watching them share the stage with the likes of Curtain Blue, Sulk Station, Peter Cat Recording Co. and Frame/Frame in the grounds of the beautiful Alsisar Mahal is going to be like something out of a dream.

Live, alongside fellow Sky Rabbit member Harsh Karangale, the two-piece outfit puts on a downtempo yet jazzy, progressive and groovy performance taking in influences from genres and musicals eras long gone. Wanting to find out more we got in touch with main man Rahul Nadkarni to find out about some of the music that has shaped his world. You can hear them below:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters


My dad used to play a lot of old American pop cassettes in the house and all my vague early memories of music revolve around them. As a kid I had my favourite tapes; Frank Sinatr759967's759970'New York New Yor759988', Nat King Col760004's760007'Unforgettabl760021' and The Platters singles collection. All three are absolutely beautiful, but if I had to pick one song that’s stayed with me, it’s760154'Smoke Gets in Your Eye760178'.


Blue in Green - Miles Davis


My first conscious step into jazz was with Miles Davi760366'760368'Kind Of Blu760381' and it was sort of a landmark in my listening life. Ther760440's nothing I can say about this record that has760488't been said. There are very few artists who play with that kind of maturity and elegance and you really feel it in760604'Blue In Gree760618'.


Ceremony - Joy Division


I first heard about Joy Division as one of the many names you hear being thrown around when yo760843're fresh out of school. I had never seen a tape of them in stores, could find no trace of them on the radio or in the house. So in the days of dial-up and LimeWire I found two songs.761027'Love Will Tear Us Apar761051' and761057'Ceremon761066'. I761071's impossible to put into words how those songs moved me. From then on, I just got deeper and deeper into that sound. It was raw and so fragile at the same time.761233'Ceremon761242', for me, is one of those songs that define alternative music and everything I love about it.


Roygbiv - Boards Of Canada


I was thrown into the deep end with BOC. A friend gave me a hard disk full of music which had their discography and the months of listening that followed were, I think, some of the most influential ones in my life. Out of all the timeless music that they have written, for me,761744'Roygbi761752' is the masterpiece. They manage to make such a complex, jagged tune come together in such an ethereal way.


Pagina Cinco - Prefuse 73


After spending months listening to BOC, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, I decided to check out the Warp Records website; the label they were all signed to. There were a whole bunch of artists I had762185't heard. Out of that unknown bunch, the first one I picked was Prefuse 73. I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded his then latest release - Prefuse 73 -762347'Reads The Book762363'. Again, it was one of those listens that immediately spoke to me. Foundations of hip-hop that have been taken, twisted, broken down and remolded into a style tha762527's so emotive and personal.


Radiohead - Bloom


My most recent little musical landmark was762716'King Of Limb762730'. 762734've grown up listening to Radiohead and with each album, I cut my alternative teeth again. I was lucky enough to catch them on the762865'King Of Limb762879' tour and watching762899'Bloo762905' performed live was something of a dream. The way they manage to turn all that sonic chaos into something so cohesive and lush is just magic.

**You can catch SnowShoe play at Magnetic Fields Festival December 13-15**



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