Get To Know: Skream

3 June 2013

Long before the dubstep sound became ubiquitous across the spectrum of popular music and long before America transformed the genre into a hard-hitting cacophony of chainsaws, a teenage Skream was spending his days working at a record store, and his nights producing dark dubstep bangers in Fruity Loops. These early Skream tracks, namely Midnight Request Line, provided the push that dubstep needed to emerge from its underground, post-D&B UK roots and conquer the globe.

These days, much of Skream’s production work seems to be transitioning away from those early roots towards a more grown-up sound. His recent Miami mix for Pete Tong stays firmly in house territory, while his newish Kelis collaboration almost verges on a garage sound. Working with Sam Frank, he’s managed to retain his dubstep ethos while staying thoroughly sexy; a task at which many have tried, but few have succeeded.

Moments before Skream stepped on stage with Benga for last month’s Kitty Su engagement in Delhi, we sat down down with him for a chat about his preferred jams for interstellar travel, the music he grew up with, and the reasoning behind his transition into music that’s fit for both the club and the bedroom:

List of questions:

The first piece of vinyl/music you bought with your own money?
The best set you’ve ever played?
The one song you’d want to listen to while you were blasting off into outer space?
The best album for making love?
One track that’s a guaranteed dancefloor filler for any crowd?
Your favourite book?
Your worst DJ experience?
Your favourite city to spin in?
An artist or producer whom you admire or respect, but rarely feel compelled to listen to?
What's the best thing you've ever seen music do?

What's brought your music into the 'sex654084' direction?


Words & Interview Credit: Kerry Harwin



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