David Guetta Assists OML In Reaching Out To The Masses

13 March 2012

Over the weekend Only Much Louder (OML) and UKNY, delivered a sold out Indian tour fronted by international DJ and producer David Guetta.

Like many other music lovers across the country we were pretty disappointed when this was first announced, having high expectations following the Prodigy tour last year. However, after attending Invasion Festival this year, we cannot help but praise OML for this clever booking, pulled off efficiently and without any obvious hiccups...

Following the drama of past events played host by the capital city we weren’t really sure what to expect as we entered HUDA grounds in New Delhi. On first observations the set up was simple. There were two main areas, one for music and one for food, drinks and the obligatory novelty tat. Special measures had been taken to ensure the crowds safety with 1 member of security staff for every 15 fans in attendance. The barricades had been double tested and there never seemed to be a queue for anything. We were surprised by the lack of alcohol being an Eristoff sponsored event however later realised this was definitely a wise move – 6,500 tanked up Delhiites in a confined space is not a place many would like to be in.

Dualist Inquiry was first on and it was nothing but a pleasure seeing the young superstar of the future play at an event of this magnitude. His accessible and unique sound definitely deserves a larger platform. Nucleya then got the crowd riled up with a stomping set featuring some Delhi Sultanate dubplates, a fair dose of moombahton and the obligatory commercial hits to get the crowd riled up to an appropriate level of excitement for the bouncy haired Euro DJ.

Needless to say that once Guetta came on and the sing-alongs began, we didn’t stick around for long. As we left however, a few things really struck home. The most obvious was the crowd in attendance. This was not Delhi’s usual club crowd neither was it readers of webzines such as NH7. The large amount of families, awkward teenagers and young boys present really conveyed the idea of this event appealing to a wide audience that are hungry for events like this. For OML to give these young artists/musicians/producers of the future access to such an event is nothing but positive.

Following DNA Network's shambolic Metallica attempt in Delhi, most significantly this event has boosted Delhi’s reputation as a potential venue for major live acts. It’s always great to see a strong international act perform a sold out gig on home turf.

One only hopes that this will opens doors for a wider range of international players to be tempted over to India.


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