New Delhi Venue Review: blueFROG

23 December 2011

blueFROG is India's most iconic venue, notorious for presenting an eclectic and forward thinking range of artists, it has become a hub for new music in India. Having made its home in Bombay for the last four years the team have now set their sights on Delhi.

On a first glance it seems that blueFROG Delhi has not veered away too much from its model in Bombay. However, on closer inspection there are some clever changes that have been made to adapt to its new home.

The stage is enormous and lends a theatrical feel to the space with a generous dance floor that could easily squeeze 500 standing. The ceiling has been adorned with a multitude of circular saucer-like lighting devices that look like they want to beam you up, and the seating area doesn't dominate the space. Fine dining has left the building but fear not, it isn't far.

The futuristic curves, slopes and circular feel is still there but the gentle arch of the windows and the mosaic style frogs are a subtle reminder that you are not in a Lower Parel warehouse but rather in the vicinity of the grand Qutab Minar.

The near presence of this historical landmark will be inescapable with the roof terrace shortly opening to reveal an outdoor music experience with breath-taking views of India's tallest minaret in the background.

Not to be forgotten is the elegant courtyard, a large outdoor area that links all aspects of blueFROG at 'The Kila' together. In the vicinity is its fine dining restaurant and an arts and film museum.

The first couple of months will see a focus on local artists and a lot of thought has been taken to make the venue accessible to everyone. The aim is to not make this an elitist place to pose around and show off; this is a purpose built club designed to maximise your experience of local and international music. It just also happens to be in 7000 square feet of renovated art deco architecture that has been carefully transformed into a stunning state of the art venue with D&B sound (incidentally the same used at the Sydney Opera House), state of the art projectors and full stage lighting.

As for the food, blueFROG have promised to get their fingers green with a new venture in the kitchen. The adjacent restaurant will serve a seasonal menu incorporating home-grown vegetables and produce from the local vicinity.

The presence of such a key player will have an interesting and we hope positive effect on other venues in Delhi. The game has definitely stepped up a notch or three making 2012 an interesting time for live music in Delhi.

*For info on events taking place at blueFROG Delhi and other venues across the country, head over to our events page here.*



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