Graphics For The Underground: Emote

Graphics For The Underground: Emote

11 October 2011

If you're wondering where all the sharp flyers and posters are coming from at the moment, chances are they've been created by Emote. Forward thinking, experimental and just downright cool!

Emote is the solo project of Hriday Nagu who started designing flyers and posters for music events in Delhi earlier this year. In a cunning bid to get noticed after several failed attempts to get through to artists he went guerilla style and started putting up artworks he made for events on his facebook page. These quickly got noticed by the right people and turned into a creative internship for leading Indian artist agency KRUNK making Emote a staple part of the scene.

With a predominant focus on the music scene, Emote as an artist feels a natural affinity towards the connection between graphics and music.

“I personally have always been driven towards music, a song could just click and take you through time, and to see the music culture literally exploding in front of my eyes is a pleasure. It makes me feel like people are coming alive and loosing themselves to their passions, which I feel has been rare on the Indian scene.”

Operating on the belief that the need is to get noticed his designs are a mixture of modern and classic styles with an underlying emphasis on creating an intelligent channel to engage with audiences. Although incredibly diverse, his designs all carry a very unique and distinctive Emote signature and he doesn't just limit himself to music related design but is ready to engage with any visual project that he feels he can do justice to.

Currently in his final semester at college the balance between Emote the designer and Hriday the student is very fine but Hriday sees Emote as the future:

“Emote is a way of looking at things, so the future could be massive, I wish to get into live visuals but I always want to do stuff that interests me, it just feels more real. I want Emote to go hand in hand with everything that it is involved with and I feel I owe a big thank you to people like Mo City (Delitronica) and Sohail (KRUNK) who just took to the way Emote looked at things and gave me a shot!”





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